COE-VDI Remote Access

A&A will be using the College of Engineering Virtual Desktop Interface (COE-VDI) remote desktop system starting in the Autumn of 2020.

These new COE-VDI servers were purchased using Student Technology Fee (STF) funds allocated to both the department and the COE over the last couple of years. These new servers based on VMWare and the VMWare Horizon system.

Visit the COE-VDI webpage for more information about access  and included software packages on the systems.

NOTE: We recommend downloading the VMWare Horizon client software to your home/local machine instead of access via a web browser.

A&A has their own VMWare Horizon "images," named "AA" and "AA – GPU," for use in instruction as well as by the RSOs and competition teams. The only difference between the images is that the one with "- GPU" appended has access to the Graphics Processing Unit. Since these "- GPU" units are "resource constrained," in that they require sharing the limited number of GPUs, it is recommended that users NOT use one unless their work requires it.